Local Tea Stall Story

What’s it that makes people go and sit at the local tea stalls?

How does space define behaviors? How do practices around tea determine the design of stalls?

Is it about the tea that is served, or more about the conversations that happen over sipping this magical beverage?

These research questions were originally part of a design methods course that I took for the students of  IDEA Design school at Nasik, MH. India. We studied different tea stalls, observing attitudes.  Students did an excellent job of interviewing and getting to know people’s behaviors and needs, before coming up with solutions.

Some snippets of what we found

People enjoy their time at the tea stalls while they are chatting about events, politics.

The absence of formal seating creates unique possibilities that people use to take support, rest themselves just for a little time. So, there is always a new surface that becomes someone’s seat.

Sometimes it also defines how much time you spend in these places – time equals comfort levels. The more seated you are, more time you are going to spend.

You want to know more, contact me at email : theresearchbook@gmail.com or should you have any questions, comments, etc… simply leave them in the comments section, below.


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