Look, what’s on the wheels!

Wheels can take us around and our experiences, surely they are telling us a lot too; about their journeys, roads they have been to. Remember the poem, the “wheels of the bus go round and round…”

Well, here are some of those things that they are carrying, taking actions, experiences from one region to another across India. Continue reading “Look, what’s on the wheels!”

Silent Economy in India

There have been many times that you exchange money, without acknowledging the services that you expect or receive in return and that’s what I started calling ‘Silent Economy’. In India, it is quite visible in many forms.

Besides how we know it, by analogy, the word silence can be referred to any absence of communication, even other than speech/verbal and music.

Continue reading “Silent Economy in India”

Picture a Book

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some to be chewed and digested.” – Francis Bacon

And some are to be pictured!

While getting immersed in reading a book, we often go beyond the words, into the life of the author, book’s real purpose. Why and how the book was written and even how it might have impacted some people and relationships. Continue reading “Picture a Book”

Doors to new functions

People build doors for their spaces to divide functions. What drives their understanding of inside/outside?

What do they consider to select the build quality, the dimensions or the structure of this architectural element?

Do they call it an exit or an entrance? How does culture define the design of door?

Stick no Bills, Inspire with Art

Many times when we walk on the streets of Indian cities, we find advertisements stuck on walls, trees and transformer boxes. These often tell us the type of services required by people and therefore made available by others. These advertisements often are just informational and less inspiring, and I believe these crucify the beauty of the city rather than helping much. I wondered if I am the only one thinking this and are these ‘actually’ helpful, so I decided to gather insights about it in my current city; Pune.


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