Literature. Fashion. Art. creating a Global Image of India

Just recently there was the International Literary Festival in Pune ( and people from all over came to express love for the written word. If you’re a bibliophile and a trendwatcher, this was one literary event, you would have liked to attend. The main social theme of the event was ‘global image of India’, to showcase India’s cultural richness & diversity. Continue reading “Literature. Fashion. Art. creating a Global Image of India”

Trendwatching – Learning Revolution

As a keen observer of the Indian urban landscape, it is fascinating to notice and put the city affairs in perspective with each other. So, here I tried to define an emerging phenomenon in my city, Pune and some other parts of this country and world. While doing so, I have attempted to apply Trendwatching approach in analysing all the pieces.

Continue reading “Trendwatching – Learning Revolution”

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