Trends – Life is Random and Participatory Experiences

Most of us have heard about the concept of trends from somewhere or the other; be it in marketing, fashion, technology or internet. Trends stay longer than fads and are more like broader shifts that develop in an industry… Continue reading “Trends – Life is Random and Participatory Experiences”


Stick no Bills, Inspire with Art

Many times when we walk on the streets of Indian cities,¬†we find advertisements stuck on walls, trees and transformer boxes. These often tell us the type of services required by people and therefore made available by others. These advertisements often are just informational and less inspiring, and I believe these crucify the beauty of the city rather than helping much. I wondered if I am the only one thinking this and are these ‘actually’ helpful, so I decided to gather insights about it in my current city; Pune.


Continue reading “Stick no Bills, Inspire with Art”

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